Why Your 30s Can Be Better Than Your 20s

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If you are approaching your 30s with some fear that your best days are behind you, we’re here to remind you that the only way is up! Your 20s may have been a fun decade, but your 30s can be even better. Here are some improvements you can hope to see this decade.

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  1. You have more confidence

In our 20s, most of us focus far too much on what other people think and how we are perceived. By our 30s, we’ve really ran out of f*cks… We know our own personal style, our taste in music and where our priorities lay. It feels amazing to be at ease in your own skin!

2. You are more skilled

By 30, we have spent a fair bit of time honing our skills, whether they be career skills, cooking or decorating our apartments. In our 20s, we are normally all winging it and figuring out things as we go.

3. You feel more beautiful

This goes hand in hand with our confidence, but by our 30s, we know our body and hopefully should be at a better place with accepting how we look. We appreciate our bodies and can accept our flaws, rather than drawing comparisons to others.

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4. You don’t care what other people are doing

Of course, our loved ones matter. But what I mean by this is, we do not have that FOMO anymore and wondering if we are doing what we should be/what others are doing.

5. You are in a better financial position

Everyone is different but most of us have worked minimum wage jobs while studying or working our way up in a career. Our 20s are normally a financial struggle. But hopefully by this point, our bank balances are a bit healthier!

6. You have fewer, but better friends

In our 20s, friends come and go during your studies, different jobs and travels. So by the time we reach our 30s, we normally have a solid, good friends group who we can trust for life!

Those are just some of the improvements you might expect to see in your 30s. Everyone is different so we’d love to hear what you think about getting older. Are you scared of aging? Learning to embrace it? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Ironically, I said no on every point of your post. I’ll be 30 in a few months and, no, I don’t have more confidence. I feel more insecure than ever. I’m not more skilled, because I had spend my time doing things that didn’t serve my purpose. My mistake. I don’t feel more beautiful… I’m getting old. I already have some gray hair. I care about what others are doing, because… I’m comparing myself to them… I’m not in a better financial situation; I’m jobless for a month… Aaaand, I have no friends. Everyone close to me left the city or the country. I’m left with a bunch of people I just spend time with, but no real attachments. So, yeah, approaching 30 terrifies me. Sorry.

    1. Hey Moonraven! Sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time as you approach 30 and hope things get better for you. As we’ve said, everyone’s situation is difficult, these are just things we’ve found in our experience. Hope you’re able to embrace your 30s and enjoy!

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